The “Open Voice” Online Speaking Test is divided into three levels.

The Basic Level

is designed to elicit responses about students’ everyday lives using language familiar to a typical Japanese senior high school graduate. Students will be asked a variety of questions that they should be able to answer naturally.

The Intermediate Level

tests students’ ability to speak in some detail about themselves and their course of study, and personal opinions on a range of general topics. This level approximates the minimal ability level required to function in an English language environment beyond everyday conversation.

The Advanced Level

is designed not only to assess speaking ability but also students’ knowledge and opinions of Japanese current events and social issues. At this level students, as members of society, would be expected to have formulated some opinions and ideas on issues relating to Japan, whether it be politics, social movements and trends, culture, or general information. Furthermore, as part of the global community, the ability to express these opinions and ideas in English will be invaluable.